Wire Tree on Petrified Wood

Aluminum Wind Blown Trees attached to Genuine Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood.

The wire is twisted and shaped into a tree sculpture and then bonded onto petrified wood that came from Arizona, USA.

Custom Designed and Crafted.

You can see more at www.bailey-tree.com

BTW – We randomly have free mini tree giveaways posted on our facebook page.

We just gave this one away last week:

Wire tree of life chakra sphere holder
Wire tree of life chakra sphere holder

Mini Wind-Blown tree with Rose Quartz Moonscape Sphere

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Rose Quartz Metaphysical

Rose Quartz Sphere and Stand Chakra

50mm (~2in)
You will receive 1 sphere and 1 nickle stand
(*You may substitute a black stand, but please add note to indicate choice during checkout. We will not be able to substitute stands after shipping)
The minerals will be similar to those displayed in the picture:
Rose Quartz is the Stone of LOVE
A Stone of the Heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love
Heart Chakra
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