How is Amethyst Formed | Created?

Amethyst Formationamethystchurch1

A question we get asked a lot: How is Amethyst is formed?

The simple answer: Most of the Amethyst found today (from Brazil and Uruguay) was formed ~130 to 150 million years ago from ancient lava fields.

As lava from volcano’s forms and cools, several pockets (cavities) are created which traps gasses and water inside the cavities. Crystals are formed over time within these cavities.  If Iron and\or Manganese is present during the crystal formation, then that’s what turns the clear quartz crystals purple – Thus creating Amethyst crystals.

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#minerals #rockshop #vanadinite #homedecor #interiordesign #chakra #metaphysical

#minerals #rockshop #vanadinite #homedecor #interiordesign #chakra #metaphysical


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